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Re: MR:REQ:Rapier legal garb

Poster: Mellin0001@aol.com

The rules explain the MINIMAL armor requirements. The most important thing to
understand is that there is NO 4 LAYER RULE. 4 layers of trigger as become
the benchmark but there is a new light-weight trigger that performs
differently. Other materials need fewer layers (heavy cotton duck works with
two), or more (you'll get to about 15 layers of silk before you run out of
money and still not have acceptable armor).
 The best test for potential fabric is the broken blade test -- lay the
subject material out on the ground (make sure you have as many layers as you
intend to wear) . Take a broken foil blade (broken near the tip) and thrust
stoutly once. Look at the material; if it's pierced, it's out. Assuming it is
ok, lay it back down and thrust again, a little harder. Repeat until you have
hit the material four times IN THE SAME SPOT. No failure means good armor.
This level of protection is required head to crotch and in the arm pits. The
rest of the body gets one layer of material that will resist tearing if a
burr on a blade is drawn across the limb. Add gloves, leather shoes or boots,
 a 3-weapon mask, and make sure all the overlaps are 3 inches or better and
you're set.
The same is true for women. The only differences are men must wear a cup
(women may want more padding in this area BUT NOT A CUP), and women may want
breast protection (that's what the rules say. I won't let a female student of
mine fight without it). We have seen an increase in the number of women
fighting in skirts, a most commendable development -- you don't have to
pretend to be male to do rapier. The only caution is to make sure the skirt
length doesn't interfere with movement. (Mistress Isobel says not a knee
length skirt, just about an inch above the ground will work. That's what she
fights in.)
I hope this is helpful. Write to me direct if you need anything further.
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