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Re: atlantia V1 #63

Poster: alairia@juno.com (L. Z. Morgan)

Dear Elyn:

>Oh, and for the sake of relieving terminal curiosity, they are 
>replacing just the rings, not rebuilding the bottom half.  I don't know
if this 
>is going to be the end of Llywellyn's health poblems or not (don't you 
>people name your cars?!), but at least I'll have the beastie back in a
>of >days.  Of course, if anybody out there has *helpful*
>or >even grim and dire warnings of destruction and despair, this 
>mechanically ignorant female would be glad to hear them.  I usually
don't hear the
>whistling in the wind that tells me I'm going to be shafted until,
>I look down and there's a big mucking spear sticking out of my chest.  
>I think it's time to start the new car fund...

Miss Agnes (89 Grand Caravan) got her rings done last year, and at
121,000 miles made it to Pennsic and back on a tank of gas and half a
quart of oil each way. (From Marinus area.)  I do indeed believe that
getting your rings done will give your beloved Llewellyn a new lease on life.

Lyon Filshenri
(who is terribly happy because the Heralds at the War documented the name
with only the tiniest spelling variation!)
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