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November Rapier Academy

Poster: jonesj@SunBelt.Net (Phillip Jones)

I'd like to make this call to the Rose for teachers for the upcoming
Rapier Academy near Wake Forest NC in November (7,8, and 9).

Classes will be held on that Saturday.

We need teachers in a variety of areas. Have you got some good
suggestions on Rapier-Legal Garb? Teach a class. Do you feel that the
literature of the period offers insights on how we should/could play
our game? Teach a class. Do the Cavalier Poets influence your idea of
Flirting? Teach a class. 

You get the idea, I trust, that not all of our classes will be about
how to fight with a rapier. We'd like to offer classes that will help
with later period persona development, and could probably use your
idea in areas like music, food, literature, religion, history,
potables, humanities, the Sciences (what WAS the effect of the
development of so and so on such and such during the late period?
enquiring minds want to know!) et cetera.

Please respond to me (Phillip Bell) at Jonesj@sunbelt.net.
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