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Information: Upcoming A&S

Poster: Charlene Noto <charlenn@MICROSOFT.com>

Greetings from Deirdre

I just wanted to send a reminder of some upcoming activities. Would you
please pass this information on to those in your group who do not have
electronic access?

Coronation -
 Their Majesties Treasure Chest. Small items, made by our artisans that
they are willing to donate to Their Majesties for gifts during their
reign. This greatly assists Their Majesties. Gifts are particularly
helpful when presented in numbers, i.e.. sets of 2, 4, 6 and even 12.
There are many occasions where Their Majesties are presenting gifts to
several groups of royalty. Please assist them in this, by participating
in this competition. Her Majesty will select the Best of Show. Please
include the name of the gift and the donors name with your entry.
Documentation is not required but is considered a bonus.
 There will also be an Open Display. Anyone viewing the Pennsic Open
Competition can not help but feel how inspiring this can be. Please
contribute your work to the Open Display at Coronation.

Pointless War -
 Best Use of Field Heraldry. This competition is to encourage an
abundant use of heraldry during our battles. Judging will occur on the
field during one of the battles (to be announced later). Documentation
of how you used your heraldry is not required but will be considered as
a bonus and can be delivered to the individual watching over the A&S
Open Display. Please note that this is NOT a "new tabard or banner"
competition. This is an overall effective use of heraldry during the
battle and will be judged by Heralds. This can include individuals off
the field and as well as those in the battle.
 There will be an Open Display area set up near the field. Please
encourage your artisans to display their work.

Crown Tourney - 
 Roll of Arms. This competition is to start a new record of Crown
Tourneys in a period manner. This competition will be held around the
field during Crown Tourney and is co-sponsored by the Triton Principal
Herald. The following note is from Master Herveus.

A Note from Master Herveus: 

Medieval rolls of arms were compiled for a variety of reasons. One
reason was to record or commemorate an occasion (hence the term
"Occasional Roll or Arms"), such as a battle or siege or campaign or a
tournament. These rolls contained blazons (pictures) with names and
often blazons (the words). In at least one instance, the textual portion
was a poem with the names and blazons worked into the verse.

Since this appears to be an opportunity to create spiff and do something
that they did in the real middle ages, we, the Mistress of Arts and
Sciences and the Triton Principal Herald will sponsor a competition at
Crown Tournaments to create a roll of arms of the contestants in the
crown list.

The first competition will be this fall, at Logan and Arielle's Crown
Tourney. Contestants will be provided with a list of names and blazons
to work from the day of the tourney, with the results to be judged later
that day. The winning scribe will be invited to transcribe their roll
into a book which will contain the accumulated rolls as an historical

If you would like more information about this contest of the pen, please
contact me. Practical and historical information is available for the
asking. We look forward to seeing how each of you approach this scribal
challenge, given the unusual constraints. 

In service,

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