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Rapier Rules needed by West Kingdom Fencers

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

Good gentles of the Rapier community in Atlantia -

The new King of the West, Jade of Starfall, and his Queen, Juana Isabella,
have banned fencing in the West Kingdom.

It appears at this time that this ban is temporary and an inducement to the
various Principalities (which range from California/Nevada to Australia and
Alaska), and the fencing community in general, to come up with uniform
combat and safety standards.  It seems there is a lack of consistencey
between the four Principalities and outlying provinces in the West.  They
have also expressed Their concern over non-period (post 1600) aspects of the
way fencing is practiced in the West.

To address the concerns of Their Majesties, the fencing community in the
West is asking for every example of SCA fencing rules they can get their
hands on.

As I hold firmly to the idea of "steal from the best" ;) and as I have been
most wonderfully impressed with the fencing I have seen since moving to
Atlantia, I wonder if it would be possible for someone with the Atlantian
Rapier rules in electronic form to send them to Dunstan (dunstan@vs1.invsn.
com), as requested in his posting below forwarded from the West list?

If our rules are not in electronic form, I will try to get Dunstan's snail-
mail address.

Thank you

        - Anarra

P.S.  I haven't gotten a digest in a while.  I appologize if someone else
has beaten me to the punch and this is a duplicate request.

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Date: Sun, 25 Aug 1996 20:05:26 -0700
From: James Jones <dunstan@vs1.invsn.com>
To: sca-west@anthrax.ecst.csuchico.edu
Subject: Laws
Message-ID: <199608260305.UAA01341@vs1.invsn.com>

   Goood gentles.

  For those of you who did not hear his Majesty Jade this weekend, there
seems to be hope for Rapier.
He mentioned that having each principality make their own standards is not
wise or safe.  I agree with him on that point.

What we then need are laws...  Kingdom wide standards for Rapier/Period
fencing;  armor standards, rules of the lists, blows, conduct on the field, etc.

        I am going to take it upon myself to compile the propose regulations
that I have, and to gather other regulations from other kingdoms.  In the
process, I hope to be able to deliver to their majesties, whoever might be
on the throne when I finish, an agreed on set of regs that will be
acceptable and safe.

I ask you, cousins, for your help and advice in my endevor.  This will be
opposed by many "main-streamers" but it is worthwhile.

  So now I ask a boon.  I ask that you send to me current (well, pre-ban)
regualtions for rapier from Lochac and Oertha.  Please send these to me
personally, as not everyone in the kingdom will want or need to know this.
Anyone that wishes to know on the progress in this pursuit, please write and
I will be happy to answer.

I remain a servant to the populace of the West,


My email adress is: dunstan@vs1.invsn.com
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