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Re: Coronation of Logan and Arielle - October 5, 1996

Poster: Boroghul Khara <boroghul@dcez.com>

At 10:12 AM 8/26/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Poster: TamsinBark@aol.com
>Good gentles of the Merry Rose, Tamsin Barker sends greetings--
>I have posted this on the list hoping to get some responses.
>We are hoping to have a merchant area at Coronation - any interested
>merchants please contact Gwynwilf (Beth Roberts) at 704/588-8659.  
>Live action artisans are also needed for the bazaar area - please contact the
>Autocrat, Tamsin Barker 803 328-2735 or via email if you are interested.
>If anyone knows the whereabouts of Broc the Magic Badger - please excuse the
>spelling if incorrect - please have him contact the autocrat.  He has been
>recommended by Earl Syr Kane and I would like to see if he is available for
>this weekend.
>Thanks to all - I hope to see many of you there!
>In Service,
>Tamsin Barker


Brok the Magic Badger can be reached through his wife:



Boroghul Khara/Grey the Succinct

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