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Wear That Badge with Pride

Poster: James Morrow <Achbar@worldnet.att.net>

Mark Schuldenfrei wrote:
> Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>
>    When you make a banner of your arms to display at a large interkingdom event,
>   be sure to include the badge of your kingdom in the hoist, to distinguish
>   your banner from those with the same arms in other kingdoms.
> Hmmm.  This might be considered, by some, an affront, for some Kingdoms use
> variants on their arms as augmentations.  Those are given as distinguishing
> honors.  Heraldically, it's a bit like putting a Ducal Coronet on your head.      Putting the Badge of your kingdom on the Hoist is showing that you are a part of 
that Kingdom.  It's not like wearing a name tag.  I see nothing wrong with it.  I have 
worn the Badge of my Kingdom at War.  There is little difference to me.
> I'd rather see the "pseudo-problem" of too many people bearing too much period
> style armory, than the current system of people being afraid to fly arms in
> case they offend someone...  I point out the above issue of potential offense,
> only so people know what they are doing, not to structure things.     People need to take a chill pill. If in the above example, people wish to wear the 
Badge of their kingdom, they should do so with pride.   This should not bother people at 

Baron Achbar ibn Ali
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