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Re: Benches & Tables

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

    The past two Pennsic have not been kind to the benches & tables that
  my group take up with us. So I am looking for paterns that people may 
  have to create packable benches and tables. I have heard of 
  other designs but have not seen any. :( So if anyone has any designs
  for packable-foldable-breakdownable tables and benches. I would be 
  most greatfull if they would pot them to the list. I think others may
  be interested in this sort of thing. 

I've borrowed a few that are from a design that Alexander Yevsha and Ohashi
Katsutoshi-dono created.  They aren't all that portable, but they work.

The benches.  Take a 6 foot 2x12.  Cut out notches along the edges, that are
1.5 inches square and within a foot of the end.  That is the top.  For the
legs, take some more 2x12, about 18 inches tall.  Cut out the top, so there are
1.5 inch square prongs on the ends, that fit into the notches in the top.  Cut
a "wedge" shape out of the bottom, so there are two feet, instead of one smooth
edge at the bottom.  Cut a hole in the center for a 2x4 to fit through.  These
are the legs.  Take a 2x4 that is slightly less long than the bench, and cut
1.5 inch notches into the bottom, so runs through the hole in the legs, and
hooks over the leg.  This braces them, and keeps them from wobbling.  Use a
small wedge driven hand tight to keep the 2x4 from coming loose.  The bench.

The table is similar.  The top is two 1x12s, 6 feet long, doweled together at
the edges to make a wide plank.  The ends have 1x4 screwed onto them, to make a
smoother edge.  If you look at the underside, there are two pairs of cleats,
one at each end, screwed into the 1x12s to hold them together, and each pair
is spaced to fit a leg.  The legs are a vertical piece of 1x12, with a 2x4
screwed into them at the top and bottom.  (In this case, the ends of the 2x4
are cut at 45 degree angles, to make prettier legs and tops).  The vertical
pieces have a hole cut for a 2x4 that is tenoned, and the tenons have holes for
dowel pegs.  The top lays on the legs, which matches period models.

There was a nice plan used by folks in the Barony of the Flame, in the
Midrealm, that I would recommend: but I don't know them well enough to repeat
them.  Perhaps someone hear knows the style?  I can sort of hand-wave their
design, but I haven't built any: yet.

If Earl Dafydd responds, I pray you to ignore anything I say over whatever he

I hope this helps: I can take questions in private email, or on the list.

	Tibor (schuldy@math.harvard.edu)
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