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Re: Query re: A&S/heraldry comp at Pointless

Poster: James Morrow <Achbar@worldnet.att.net>

Mark Schuldenfrei wrote:
> Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>
> Neried herald wrote:
>   Displaying unregistered armory in the SCA is definitely frowned upon.  For an
>   example of why, imagine the situation I witnessed at Pennsic.  Set up across
>   from our camp was an enormous banner, displaying a quite handsome device.
>    However, it was quickly recognized as being registered to a peer of the East
>   Kingdom (I think) and brought to the attention of the members of that
>   encampment.  Requests that they cease and desist use of someone else's arms
>   were ignored and the banner flew throughout the event.  This brought great
>   distress to the registered owner and his companions, but little could be
>   done, short of calling upon their Crown to correct the behaviour.      This is both bad taste and bad form.  I can imagine a person or a group of People 
displaying the badges of the Shadow Wolves, House O'Shannon, or perhaps even the arms of 
His Grace Duke Michael of Beford.   I wonder how long those people would have that 
banner to call their own.  I would imagine not very long.
   As a herald of this Kingdom, I take heraldry to heart.  Tibor has mentioned that the 
shared use of Heraldry was heard of in period.  How do we translate this into modern 
 If you register your Devive then it is yours once it passes the Laurel King/Queen of 
arms and you are notified of it.   If this is the case, then how do we keep people from 
using devices which are clearly yours?  What is the proceedure?  
   I would polites ask people not to use my badge or device. It is not something I 
would get to excited over.  I would try to work something out with the people using my 
badge/device.  In the past, this is exactly what I did with House Ramirez .  It was no 
big deal. If this doesn't work, I would contact the Crowns and Laurel King/Queen of arms 
and see what happens after that.
  This is a game and this game has rules.  It's impolite to use other people's heraldry 
without permission.   Lady Rhiannon, please add some inmput here  :)

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