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Stolen Arms

Poster: "N.C. Honeycutt" <lawless@isaac.net>

-- [ From: N.C. Honeycutt * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --


Okay...1st I'm not a herald.  Just a gentle who worked really hard on her
arms.  I went to the library documented my stuff.  Drew the forsaken thing
out ( no easy thing for a no-artist) sent in my $8 bucks  (no easy thing for
a starving student)  and got my arms/name registered.  I understand polite
requests and be nice and courtesy etc. but if I saw someone with my arms...
I would be pissed off to the highest of pisstivity.  We play because we seek
something better than the mundane world.  If people can take what you have
rightfully made yours.... than we aren't any better off and my hobbies is
just as maddening as the rest of my life.  
So after thinking about it for awhile this is how I would handle that
1 I would politely ask the flyer of the banner to take it down and explain
-didn't work
2 I would have my Seneschal or baron(ess) (depending on where I lived) to
talk to that gentle and their Seneschal.
-didn't work
3 audience with the Crown
-didn't work
4 have everyone I know or can meet to go to that encampment and ask for me
and explain that they saw MY banner flying and was wondering if I was home.
-didn't work
5 call in every friend I have and RAID in the old highland manner
- might not be nice, but is period....THEIFT was often the target of revenge
.... take the banner back late the following day and explain I brought it
back  " 'cause I don't take other peoples stuff"
-didn't work (highly unlikely)
6 shun these infidels...who don't understand that our rules/guidelines
are what makes us better than the mundane world, more special because
Scadians don't steal each others ideas... and change my banner.

That's what I'd do...be nice 'til it was time to not be nice and if that
didn't work go back to being nice again, since that's my nature anyway. 


Emma Lagheles
Per fess wavy ermine and azure, a sealion erect or maintaining a  trident
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