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Re: Query re: A&S/heraldry comp at Pointless (fwd)

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

Deirdre wrote:
>As far as displaying unregistered devices...I don't think you can..BUT
>perhaps one of our heralds on line could clarify the rules and customs
>for that for us.

After discussion with other heralds, here is one take on the subject.
The registration process is supposed to minimize a couple of problems,
therefore there are some dangers inherent in displaying unregistered

1. No Conflict Checking: You may be displaying armory that belongs to
   someone else in the SCA, or to a sufficiently notable person or place
   in mundane history or literature; or your display may be such that a
   relationship to one of the above is claimed, without having obtained
   proper permission.

The possible consequences of displaying conflicting armory have been
discussed at length elsewhere on this thread.

2. No Style Checking: There is a chance that your proposed design does not
   reflect medieval style. It may not be heraldic at all, in which case
   you aren't displaying armory but just an artistic something-or-other.
   It may be heraldic, but extremely bad style; and heraldic or not, it
   may be obtrusively modern. The display of such will be jarring to
   many people and is not good recreation.

Now, the heralds do not generally have the authority to stop you from
displaying anything you want. (If you display conflicting armory, the
person with whom your display conflicts may object, and his/her objections
may be enforced, with or without the help of heralds; but the heralds
can't do it on their own.)

So, while you CAN display unregistered armory, that doesn't mean you

Evan, now posting from "damont@wolfstar.com" -- the post office changes my
ZIP code, my service provider changes my domain name, I sure hope the
phone company doesn't jump on the bandwagon....

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