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Re: Help from Norfolk?

Poster: "Jessica Wilbur" <jessica@intercon.com>

> Gentle cousins, 
> The following note was on the Rialto this morning.  Can someone with 
> a ready copy of the Acorn and a better knowledge of local geography 
> than myself help this pilgrim find her way to Atlantia? 
> Many thanks, 
> Meli 
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> From: rave@cyber1.servtech.com (melissa ervay) Newsgroups: rec.org.sca 
> Date: 29 Aug 1996 00:57:03 GMT 
> im going to be moving to norfolk va in about a month and would like 
> info on the local sca group ther what barony its in etc. 
> ------ End of Forwarded Message 
It is in the Barony of Marinus, whose Baroness is Olwen (unfortunately I can't 
remember her last name). I'm not sure who the Seneschal is now (I've been out 
of the area for a while) If some good gentle could post the URL for the 
Atlantian Web page, I'm sure she can get more info there. Hope this helps!

--Muireann ni Riordain

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