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Re: Query re: A&S/heraldry comp at Point

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

  At Pennsic, I displayed unregistered arms on a large banner inside my camp. 
   A very striking banner, if I must say so.  Why?  Because my six-year-old 
  daughter really really wanted a banner, really wants to play "medieval," 
  and, in the manner of six year olds, knew exactly what she wanted on it to 
  make the whole War really special for her.  And why not register it? 
   Because in another year, she'll want something completely different.

It has become my belief that if we permit incorrect or unregistered (or even
inauthentic armory) that over time, the bearer will want to become more
educated, and eventually want to do the right thing.   This is as true for
an adult as for a six year old.


PS My arms changed from "or, on a bend azure between two books tergiant
gules, three bezants within a bordure sable" to "Vert a delf or".  See?
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