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heraldic argument

Poster: Rowanwald South <rowanwald@wwisp.com>

Good Gentles,
 perhaps it's time to let this go.  As far as I can follow this thread, 
it seems to run like this:

Party A: I can do/wear/show any device/arms I want.

Party B: Wait a minute! Our rulebook says that's not quite true, and I
      ought to know, I'm one of the referees.

Party A: My rights as an American are being offended, remember, this is
      just a game, and I can play it any way I want.

Party B:  But, but, but, rules! Customs!

Party A: Historical evidence says you're wrong, except where it says 
      you're right, but I choose to discount that - it interferes with 
      my game.

Party C: Can we talk about something else now?

Party A: I'm not done.

As a member of the C party, I am.  I LIKE to play our game by the 
rules that we have... they're cumbersome, but they work best for the most 
people. So - if Copora has rules regarding heraldic display and 
jurisdiction, follow them, wouldja, pretty please?

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