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Oh, Heralds! Oh, Heralds!

Poster: Charlene Noto <charlenn@MICROSOFT.com>

[   Tibor, Rhiannon, Eldred, Herveus and others stop in mid discussion
as they notice a cry coming over the din. They look up to see Deirdre
jumping up and down on a table, arms swinging back and forth, the
sleeves of her gown waving like standards in the breeze. Tibor gulps..
(yes, you do. At this point, you think I'm crazy and that you have to
humor the deranged)...and says, "Yes?..." The others wait silently to
hear the answer.
   Deirdre says, "Although I have learned much from this debate, may I
put forth a question that I know is on the minds of many of the patrons
here, in regard to the upcoming activities in heraldic display? I have
two scenarios that I would like you to consider."
   Encouraged by the attention (although she thinks they may be sizing
her up for professional help), she continues... Please fill in the end
of the scenario, please?"]

Scenario #1
Lord Herald A says to Lord Herald B, "There is a War coming up and I
have been asked to attend. I hear that there is going to be a fantastic
amount of heraldry at this war. Would you like to come and help me
Lord Herald B says to Lord Herald A, "Why, there is absolutely nothing
that I would rather do! What kinds of heraldic display do you think we
might be able to see?"
Lord Herald A says, __________________________

Scenario #2
Lady Herald C says to Lord Herald B, "I hear you went to the War and saw
an absolutely marvelous display of field heraldry."
Lord Herald B says, "Yes, it brought tears to my Herald's eyes...Oh, to
see more Heraldry..."
Lady Herald C says, "Why, you are in luck then, my good Herald. There is
another activity coming up at Crown Tourney. The Roll of Arms. Would you
like to help me judge?"
Lord Herald B says, "Why, that would warm my heart indeed. An attempt at
a period Roll of Arms? What will you be looking for?"
Lady Herald C says, ____________________

[At this point, Deirdre's friends drag her down off the table, thinking
she has had one ale too many, but the rest of the Tavern listens with
breathless anticipation at the gathered Heralds responses.]
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