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Re: Oh, Heralds! Oh, Heralds!

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

     Encouraged by the attention (although she thinks they may be sizing
  her up for professional help), she continues... Please fill in the end
  of the scenario, please?"]

If I understand, you are asking for suggestions on heraldic activities, at Wars
or for Rolls of Arms.

I was particularly enamored of the Helm Schau at Pennsic XXIV, and I would love
to see more of those.  I'd like to see more processions at wars, and more
tabards and battle standards.  I'd like to see more use of heralds to negotiate
points of protocol, and to carry the message.  (Someday, I'd love to be
favorably compared to Montjoy in Henry V.)  That sort of things.

Rolls of Arms are a wonderful thing.  I'd like to see one kept for every major
tournament.  It might be a bit impractical, as it is a LOT of work for the
artists.  But what a lovely gift such a thing might make for the victor of a
Crown Tournament, to have the arms of EACH and every opponent (and,
inauthentically but appropriately, their consort) to keep as a personal
momento, and to be displayed at Coronation!

I have an idea now...  I'm going to send this along to my deputy (Pallet
Pursuivant for the East Kingdom) and see if she wants to work too hard at the
next Crown Tournament of the East...  (If I could draw, I would. But I chose a
delf because I can just about draw a square, with a straightedge and right

I'd also love to see contestants introduced onto the field for major
tournaments by having their arms "spot blazoned".  The period equivalent of
"And, in this corner, wearing the maroon shorts..."  (:-)

Does this sort of thing help?

	Tibor (Lover of doing things that are heraldic and FUN!)
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