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Re: Heraldic Side Note

Poster: Matthew Allen Newsome <mnewsome@warren-wilson.edu>

On Fri, 30 Aug 1996, Corun MacAnndra wrote:
> And Eogan, what's an Og?
> In confusion,
> Corun

Ah, now we come to the philisophical questions in life....  :)
I beleive Lady Rosalind was referring to the green savage on our device 
as "Og,"  whom we have dubbed Og Sneedlehoffensmithenson, of Bud Light 
beer commercial fame.  (In the commercial he was a caveman who 
supposedly invented hamburger-- his recipe greatly improved with the 
invention of fire).  Among my friends, Og can be used as a slang term 
for any phallic symbol, but I don't think that was the answer you were 
looking for either :)
Actually, Og is a Gaelic word, meaning "young."  In the Middle Ages, 
Scots Highlanders did not have surnames, as such.  When census takers 
asked for their surnames, many would give their clan names, or their 
villiage name, but they were not considered surnames by the Scots 
themselves.  To identify one Angus from another, descriptive terms were 
given.  Like Angus the Red, Angus the Bald, or Angus the Young.  Thus 
we get Angus Og.  (An Angus Og actually fought under Robert the Bruce, 
and there was an ancient Celtic love god called Aonghus Og--  all us 
members of clan Og like to think we are Celtic love gods on the inside :)
Anyway, so Og is a documentable period name.
And Clan Og was founded by myself as a household whose sole purpose is 
to remind ourselves and others, not to take youself to seriously.  A 
noble purpose if I ever heard one!
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