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Re: Heraldic Side Note

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Wynn wrote:
> Since no one has answered this yet, and I'm sure we are all burning
> to know :^), I will take a shot. Her blazon is similar to my own,
> which can go "Azure, an estoile of eight rays Argent, in chief,
> three gouttes Azure."
> According to the herald who helped write the verbiage, the stating
> of the tincture of the chief is redundant since it is the same as
> main charge just mentioned. Just another funny Herald-Thang.
> However, since it *IS* a funny herald-thang, and many people aren't
> aware of the convention, I _sometimes_ blazon mine "Azure, an estoile of
> eight rays Argent, and on a chief Argent, three gouttes Azure" to
> make certain that I am understood.

Ah, so then Lady Rosilands arms would be Or, a Rose Gules, on a Chief Gules,
Three Suns Or. That makes much more sense. Now, how is the shield divided?
You see, my understanding is that there are two divisions necessary for there
to be a gold *and* a red field. And why is the field division not mentioned
in the verbiage (hoping it's not another one of those herald thangs ;-).
Also, it's my understanding that Chief means at the top of the shield, while
Base means at the bottom. Two colours (alright, a colour and a metal then)
on the shield implies a division of the shield.....to me.

In service,

P.S. I'm keeping these posts that contain heraldry and will be adding them
to my growing CorelDraw archive.

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