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Re: Heraldic Side Note

Poster: Thomas Hudson <hudson@cs.unc.edu>

Corun writes, in response to Wynn (Branwen?):

> > However, since it *IS* a funny herald-thang, and many people aren't
> > aware of the convention, I _sometimes_ blazon mine "Azure, an estoile of
> > eight rays Argent, and on a chief Argent, three gouttes Azure" to
> > make certain that I am understood.
> Ah, so then Lady Rosilands arms would be Or, a Rose Gules, on a Chief Gules,
> Three Suns Or. That makes much more sense. Now, how is the shield divided?
> You see, my understanding is that there are two divisions necessary for there
> to be a gold *and* a red field. And why is the field division not mentioned
> in the verbiage (hoping it's not another one of those herald thangs ;-).
> Also, it's my understanding that Chief means at the top of the shield, while
> Base means at the bottom. Two colours (alright, a colour and a metal then)
> on the shield implies a division of the shield.....to me.

A chief is a division, right?  And it's a color and a metal, so they can
be layered.

Giovan, who's been displaying an unregistered badge for years, but just
barely too late for Pennsic came up with a "feature list" that he could
present to heralds & be satisfied with anything they came up with.  Oh
well, only 2 months until we get a kingdom event nearby...

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