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Re: Heraldic Side Note

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

  A chief is a division, right?  And it's a color and a metal, so they can
  be layered.

Mostly.  There is evidence on both sides of the discussion: is the chief a
layer placed over the field, or is it a field division line.  Most SCA
precdents for SCA heraldry show it to be a field division, and that is how I
treat it myself when consulting.  For example, the SCA rules have a depth of
field maximum, and charges on chiefs are allowed to stack as deeply as charges
on the field.

(I don't recommend that stacking: in general it makes the topmost charge on the
stack too small to be useful and recognizable.  But it works if you feel you
must have it.)
  Giovan, who's been displaying an unregistered badge for years, but just
  barely too late for Pennsic came up with a "feature list" that he could
  present to heralds & be satisfied with anything they came up with.  Oh
  well, only 2 months until we get a kingdom event nearby...

I'd encourage you to create heraldry in the mean time, and get used to it.  Ask
a herald or two (via email if necessary) for help.  Given fields barren of
heraldry, or fields with slightly poor heraldry upon them, give me the ambience
of flags waving in the breeze any day.

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