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Re: Heraldic Side Note

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

Scripsit Tibor:

> [Giovan asks:]
>   A chief is a division, right?  And it's a color and a metal, so they can
>   be layered.
> Mostly.  There is evidence on both sides of the discussion: is the chief a
> layer placed over the field, or is it a field division line.

The current state of SCA rule and precedent is clear: a chief is a charge,
and as such is a layer above the field. There is a field division "per
fess" which does not add a layer, and the distinction between that and
a chief was often blurry in period, but the SCA currently treats them as
two very different concepts.

> For example, the SCA rules have a depth of field maximum, and charges on
> chiefs are allowed to stack as deeply as charges on the field.

Um, no, for the reason stated above. Charges on a chief may not themselves
be charged, and this has been true under every Sovereign of Arms since
I've been a herald (Da'ud I). Before that I must defer to them what was

> > Oh well, only 2 months until we get a kingdom event nearby...
> I'd encourage you to create heraldry in the mean time, and get used to
> it.  Ask a herald or two (via email if necessary) for help.  Given
> fields barren of heraldry, or fields with slightly poor heraldry upon
> them, give me the ambience of flags waving in the breeze any day.

Absolutely. And heralds are all over the Net; a perusal of the recent
festivities at the Merry Rose should reveal addresses of at least half a
dozen heralds....

Evan, one of the aforementioned (Kraken to be precise)
Note new address: damont@wolfstar.com

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