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Re: MR-Disc: Instant Correct Heraldry for Newbies

Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>

petersr@spiegel.becltd.com (Peters, Rise J.) scripsit:

>>[...] In the Society in general, if you want something, the quality of
>> what you get, and how fast you get it, depends on how much work you're
>> willing to put in and at what level of intensity.[...] You can bear down
>> hard and learn almost any skill well enough to get, at a minimum, a fun
>> experience and a usable product within a time frame that qualifies as, not
>> instant, but certainly relatively fast gratification -- fast enough to keep
>> you excited and willing to go on working hard to get more good stuff, to
>> improve or expand your skills, etc.
>> Contrast that with heraldry:  [...]  I'd love to have banners and tabards 
>>and spiff heraldic stuff.   I figure out the rules (complicated in itself),
>> get the forms, go to the library and do my research, etc. etc. -- and
then >>submit the paperwork and wait for =months= while the bureaucracy
>>And in the meantime, I have absolutely nothing to show for my work, and no
>>matter how excited I =was= about the possibility of elaborate heraldic
>>display, all I can do is wait.

>>Using this process, or a similar one, you could discourage participation in 
>>almost every aspect of the SCA.
>>               [...] and wait for =months= while the bureaucracy grinds.  And 

Alfredo El Bufon scripsit in reply:
>I propose the following solution:
>The College of Arms devises, an assortment of heraldicly
>correct, attractive-looking badges for some new households.
>I think seven would be a good number.  To join any one of
>these houses, a gentle need only be interested in making
>and/or displaying appropriate heraldic displays featuring
>the household armory.  The newby would know instantly what
>device to sew on a tabard, pavilion, or whatever.  Later
>on, said newby decides to register her own device, she
>could still remain in the household and continue to display
>the items she worked on before, and/or give them to a newer
>member of the household who wants to display the heraldry
>but is not yet ready to make items.

A similar solution was proposed a few months back on SCAHRLDS.  Lady
Margaret suggested that baronies and shires register 'loaner arms'.   If a
newcomer likes these arms and wishes to adopt them, the group can release
them to him.  S/he can then go about making and enjoying heraldic display
items without having to wait the weary months, because these arms have
already cleared the CoA.

Mistress Jaelle, what do you think?  Could the categories for such types of
arms be established?  The point raised about the waiting time and the
subsequent loss of interest is quite valid, I believe.

In service to Atlantia and heraldry,

Alanna Volchevo Lesa
Humble minion

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