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Poster: Logan and Arielle <logan123@charlotte.infi.net>

Greetings from Their Riyal Highnesses, Logan and Arielle!

Just a reminder to you all that Our Crown Tournament will be November 1-3 
in Sanford, NC.  It is Our hope that We will have a very large turnout 
for Crown.  To that end We remind you that letters of intent (including, 
the SCA and Modern names of both you and your consort, your membership 
numbers and expiration dates (worth the cost of dinner and a movie so 
there!), your signatures and a little statement saying that it is your 
intent to fight in Crown) must be in Our hands by October 14th, the date 
for Pointless War.  This is a change from Our original deadline!  Please 
try to send them in as soon as you can.  We would also like to encourage 
all of you to make it to Pointless so that we can affirm our friendship 
with our northern neighbors, for that is the reason for Pointless War.  
Come to think of it all of the wars that we fight in the SCA are 
pointless for that very reason.

Serving Atlantia and all Her people,

TRH Logan & Arielle

Derrick Solomon & Courtney Hester
7106 Pawtuckett Road
Charlotte  NC  28214-2235

just in case you forgot 8^)
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