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Re: (fwd) From Edmund, Kateryn, Bjorn, Morgen, & Anne

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

  Okay, for those of us who have no idea about this, and since it seems to
  have worked out ok, what really happened? 

A friend asked the same question, so here is what I wrote to him [editted a
little: there are things you say to friends that you don't say out loud]:

----Begin Text----
Short form, if there is such a thing.

Pennsic autocrats took away camping land that had been traditionally used by
Bridge, aka the Crown Princess of the East.  Horde was asked/told/invited to
give them land.  Add to that that Lucan (who was next door) kept shoving into
their land as well.

Horde blamed all this (despite their being independent campsites associated
with EK Royal) on the Crown of the East.

Bjorn was trying to figure out opening ceremonies: he asked people if Horde had
been traditionally part of them: he was told NO by people who should have said
"I don't know".  He was given more bad advice on their role, and Edmund had no
better knowledge.

Horde was excluded from Opening Ceremonies, and Bjorn made the mistake of
calling them a splinter group.  As you might expect, the Horde went ballistic.
[Note, there are only 3 relatively inactive people who are in the Horde where
Bjorn lives]

Enter Duchess Anne, who is NOT a Horde person, but who has been associated with
Horde since God wore knickers.  She tried to see the various Queens, to talk
about this stuff, and was refused.  She wrote a nasty editorial (that got front
page status in the Independent, without being labeled opinion) and then barged
right into the Queen's Tea, and was rude and inappropriate at Morgen and
Katryn, and ruined the social gathering.

She was banished from at least 3 Kingdoms, including a level 1 from the East
and a level 2 from the Middle.

That's most of the story as I know it, in highly compressed form.  I guess you
have seen the final act of the play?
----End Text----

That's what I know.

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