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Re: (fwd) From Edmund, Kateryn, Bjorn, Morgen, & Anne

Poster: Diane Carter <uboru@erols.com>

As I understand it, the Horde was in treaty to fight for the East. The 
East royals informed the Horde that they were not a historical group 
of the SCA and that their help was not wanted on the battlefield.
Duchess Anne (who I believe ws the first Duchess in the SCA then 
stormed to the East royals and basically informed them what they were 
full of. This led to the banishment of Duchess Anne at Pennsic. At one 
point there was even talk of a third army at Pennsic fighting for the 
honor of Anne-tho this didn't happen. The Horde then informed the East 
Royals that they were people of honor and would indeed fight for the 
East in order to keep faith with the treaty which they made.
It is good to see that this entire situation,which got nasty way out 
of proportion- has been settled amicably.

Brigantia (in a search engine near you)
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