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Re: MR: Latin pigs

Poster: angharad melys <lisa@privnet.com>


scripsit corun,

> Perhaps it is simply that Lady Alanna was looking for the Latin
> for "whee whee whee", and I will admit that such was not given in the
> original transcription, nor do I know how one would say "whee whee whee"
> in Latin.

hm.  i started to reply "hui hui hui" in all due smartass-ness, and then
realized that my wheelock's is conveniently under my desk at work.
(ykyitscaw...)  upon checking the short vocabulary in the back, i ran
discovered the following:

hui, interjection, sound of surprise or approbation not unlike our "whee."

see, i KNEW all those latin classes would come back to haunt me...

						honos servios,


angharad melys, (latin) scholar
sacred stone / windmaster's hill, atlantia

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