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Winter University Classes

Poster: AtlantiaU@aol.com

My lords and ladies,

Due to overwhelming response, I now have more than enough classes for the
Winter Session on the University, but will somehow fit them all in.  At this
time the only classes I will accept are those on a contingency basis; i.e. a
teacher cancels and you can step in to fill the time.  I am deeply grateful
to everyone who has offered to teach.  If I have been in touch with you, I
plan to put you on the schedule.  If you want a confirmation, send me an

As a result of a currently full schedule, I will be putting the catalog out
as part of the December Acorn.  I will also be posting a copy on the
University's web page when it is ready (if Gregory Blount agrees, should ask
him first I suppose).  This should be shortly after Nov. 1 as our esteemed
kingdom chronicler needs the copy by then.  (If you have agreed to teach this
session and I don't have a class description for you yet, I need it NOW!)

I am looking for a site for the first weekend in June for the Spring
sessions.  It will have to be in either the northern or southern reaches of
the kingdom on this rotation.  Send your inquiries to me and I will happily
answer them.


Deirdre O'Siodhachain
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