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Re: Acorn on the Web

Poster: Kevin of Thornbury <kevin@maxson.com>

Quoth Lord Leifr Johansson:

> Lord Kevin of Thornbury is a great guy (I have to say that, he is nearly 
> a head taller then me, outweights me by more then I care to say, and is 
> learning to fight armoured combat, if he ever gets his helmet padded ;-), 
> and I am sure he will do a good job as chief webspinner for Atlantia.

(There's a nice ring to it... I'd not think it deserved, but that it has
been spoken by Her gracious Majesty, and affirmed by the Ladies whose
favors I do carry, so I shall not dispute it.)

Your faith is appreciated, and indeed my loyalty is to the glory of Atlantia
and not to mine own.  When the barbute is padded, I'll spare you Excalibat
for my lighter sword. :)

To those tireless gentles in self-appointed service to Atlantia, I would
like to hear from you, that we might not trade URLs (if not already in
the Acorn) and discuss making pages most spiff.

My thanks to all others who have expressed their love and encouragement.
Doubly as much to Their Majesties - know that you have undying love, support
and service from me and my Tavern.  (Really, I can prove it...)

In Service to Atlantia,
|+^+|  Lord Kevin of Thornbury                      
|/+\|  Web Minister of Atlantia                    
 \_/   kevin@maxson.com   http://sca.maxson.com

(P.S. Reserve for I Pugni now! :)
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