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Re: MR: Scoto-Pictish Dog Wars

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swann@intercon.com>

> Poster: edh@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com (Alfredo el Bufon) 
> Lady Alianora Munro writes, in part: 
> > [...] The Scots, now alert to the fact that Something Was Up, rode 
> > off in pursuit of their hounds and the Picts. When they caught up 
> > with the Pictish hound-abductors, the Scottish king demanded the 
> > return of his dog. 
> > The Picts refused. The king issued the demand a second time, and 
> > a second time it was refused. [...] 
> and 
> > As for the story I recounted, it comes from a chronicle on which 
> > I'm presently working. It's not yet been published (although I hope 
> > to change that), so it'll be a little hard to look up just now, 
> > unless you happen to be in Edinburgh and have a reader's card for 
> > the manuscript room at the National Library of Scotland, in which 
> > case it's NLS MS 1746. :) If people are interested in the 
> > original though, I can dig the relevant section out of my typescript 
> > and post/send in email, depending in the amount of interest in the 
> > group at large. 
> I would be very interested in reading this account, especially if 
> it provides some idea of the tenor of the words that the Scots and 
> Picts exchanged. 
> -- Alfredo 
I am also interested!


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