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Re: Pointless war 96

Poster: "Sharon Henderson" <sharon@intercon.com>

> Poster: WzrdKing@aol.com 
>  Milords and Ladys or fair Atlantia, 
>     I've just returned from this years Pointless War and it was 
> a wonderful day. The weather was perfect, the people friendly and 
> in wonderful garb. The fighting was both exciting and truly chivalrous. 
> As an Easterner, I can only look to the Atlantians with real respect. 
> You are great and noble fighters, superb hosts, and not meaning to 
> be politically incorrect, (only periodly chavanistic,) You have some 
> of the most beautiful and gracious ladies I have ever had the honor to 
> lay eyes on. 

Good Milord Luither, 

	As a former Easterner myself (Carolingia born and bred!) it warms my 
heart indeed to read such kind and wonderful words of praise for my much-loved 
new home (well, for the last 18 years! <g>).  Thank you so much for sharing 
your impressions of the War with all of us; I especially appreciate it as, to 
my great sadness, I was unable to attend due to mundane commitments.  I would 
love to obtain a copy of the tape, when you are ready to send it abroad!

	Thank you for your noble words; may you and yours, and the great realm 
of the East, prosper in your chivalry!

	Meli ferch Iasper

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