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Re: Pointless war 96

Poster: WzrdKing@aol.com

    Thank you for your most wonderful and gracious reply! So the wonderous
lady's name is Antonella, well, tis a beautiful name as well. But have no
fears good sir of my "filthy eastern paws", as I mean nought but chivalrous
intent, which precludes my ever speaking to the fair damsel with whom I was
so besot. (Damn!) As for the tape, as soon as the tape is edited, which I'm
hoping will be by the the end of next week, (work and family permiting,) I
will email you. I'm figuring on having to charge about twenty dollars to
cover duplication labeling and mailing costs as well as paying my work for
use of the AVID. I trust this is not too much, if it is, please let me know. 
  Yours in service,
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