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Re: Jobs and Cookies

Poster: CORVUS2@aol.com

In a message dated 96-10-17 12:12:44 EDT, Gawain writes:

<< > That is how awards happen more often
 >than not.
 Not trying to belabor a point or anything, but that works out to a ratio
 of 10:1.  Would it be possible to divy out the populace, 10 to a peer
 and the peer could "look after" their flock, so to speak?   >>

Hmmm.  Considering that there are some places such as Sacred Stone, where
there are but 2 active peers and a fairly large populace, so how would you
propose that all the populace be divided up fairly?  Especially, if a
populace member is not much of a traveler.  He still would not be seen often
enough by his assigned peer.  Taking this a step further, what if his
assigned peer was a knight who had absolutely no knowledge of A&S and he
himself was an artisan of some obscure art?  How then would his recognition
come sooner?

Also, don't peers already choose people they consider worth watching and take
them under their wing in the form of squires, proteges and apprentices?  ;-)

No, I must side with Mistress Deirdre on this one.  We non-peers are not
excused from the responsibility of insuring that our fellow non-peers be
brought to the recognition of the Crown (and Baron/Baroness as applicable)
through our words and accolades.  I have many times picked up pen in favor of
those I felt deserved to be recognized for their work(s) and will do so again
and again and again.  This is part of the service I owe to my kingdom and to
those whose participation enhances our society and deserves recognition.


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