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Re: atlantia V1 #143

Poster: Janet Toney/Terry Neill <71035.3227@CompuServe.COM>

*Lord Gawain Kilgore, Chronicler of Sacred Stone* wrote:
>>>>>>Not trying to belabor a point or anything, but that works out to a ratio
of 10:1.  Would it be possible to divy out the populace, 10 to a peer
and the peer could "look after" their flock, so to speak?  As more
people would be found, who are of peerage quality, the ratio would go
down and become even easier to handle.
Just a thought.<<<<<<

An even better idea is to take this responsibility upon one's self.  It is the
responsibility of *everyone* in the SCA, from Dutchess Sir Mistress, Mistress
Dinosaur, a.l.p.h.a.b.e.t. to Neddie Newby, to write letters of recommendation
for people they see performing arts, service, fighting or otherwise exhibiting
the qualities that deserve award.

Write to the King and Queen or your local Baron and Baroness.  When recommending
for a polling award, also write to the principal of the order.  All addresses
are in the Acorn.  I haven't met a person with e-mail yet who minds getting
recommendations electronically.

Personally, I also copy the Kingdom MOAS on recommendations for the three
Kingdom-level A&S awards (this probably has something to do with being deputy
MOAS for Caer Mear) and I also copy my Baron and Baroness.

Someone once told our Baronial MOAS that it was her responsibility to write
award recommendations.  That is true.  But it is NO MORE her responsibility than

It's easy to do.

Unto Your Most Royal Majesties does (YOUR NAME HERE) of (YOUR GROUP's NAME) send
greetings and award recommendations.

Jonathan of the Smithy (John Smith) for the Order of the Pearl
Lord Jonathan is skilled in the art of marzipan and wax carving.  He has taught
15 people in our local group to make and mold marzipan and 7 people to carve wax
and cast using the lost wax method.  Some of these have gone on to teadch
others.  He has entered competitions at 12th Nights, Coronations, Crowns and
Emerald Jousts over the last 4 years.  His documentation is well researched.  He
participates in demos. He answers questions readily and is easy to approach.  He
will discuss the authenticity of his items at length and is interesting to have
discussions with - one learns something new and fascinating every time one
speaks with him.

Mhaire MacIan (Mary Johnson) for the order of the Golden Dolphin
Mhaire has autocratted 4 very successful demos and 3 local events (NAME/DATE,
NAME/DATE and NAME/DATE).  She helps set up tables, wash dishes, organizes the
serving, works Troll, Stays late to clean up the site.  She does field heraldry
at events and consults with members at weekly Gather.  She has worked hard in
our group to make sure newcommers are oriented and has produced a pamphlet
explaining the SCA for them.  She stores our group's pavilian and always makes
sure it gets to events on time with people to set it up.  Above all, she makes
sure the SCA is fun for everyone.

And the most IMPORTANT award!:
Jane of the Deer (Jane Doe) for an Award of Arms
Jane has helped at 4 of our local events, both with cooking and heralding. She
has made her own garb and is now researching another time period.  She has
researched her name and device and submitted them to Triton.  She has become
interested in bobbin lace and took a class at last university.  She is using the
lace she makes on her new garb and made lace-trimmed napkins for the last
"Queen's Treasure Chest" competition.  She has put together armor, authorized to
fight and shows up regularly to our fight practices - watch out for that snap

See, it's not that hard!  If everyone in each group wrote two award
recommendations each reign, the Royals and Baron/esses would be happily

	- Anarra Karlsdottir

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