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Re: Stability in the Upper Echelons

Poster: blackbow@juno.com (David H Ritterskamp)

>Ld. Jonathan Blackbow made a reply to the effect that a Glass Ceiling
>might exist even if there are some holes in it, then goes on to say:
>> I don't necessarily agree with this, but it certainly seems to be 
>> status quo.  On the other hand, it seems that such a system as is
>> currently in place does have the effect of providing stability in 
>> upper echelons, where it's usually sorely needed.  As long as that
>> stability doesn't warp into stagnancy, anyway.
>If the current system does provide stability, how do you know it's 
>Was there a time (before the current system was in place) that the 
>echelons were unstable?  If so, what was that like?
>-- Alfredo
>Rotae Fortunae circumvectus


Well, that's a tough one to answer.  I can't say that I have enough
experience with the upper echelons to be able to say that they were
_ever_ unstable.  BUT you have to admit, the potential was always there. 
Right now, we have a system in place wherein (it looks like) ANYBODY with
a hot enough stick can end up running the kingdom for six months.  In
fact, while said Hot Stick may end up with the titular head of state,
there's an awful lot of stuff that goes on only with the consent of the
Stable Upper Echelons.  One thing Kane will tell anybody who asks is that
you quickly discover that just because you're king doesn't mean you get
to do anything you want; at least, not if you want to have any friends
left when you're done.  

Sorry to intrude on a discussion of Warrants and Cookies when what I slid
off subject onto was really Peers Without Precedents.  Strangely enough,
they're related.  I think that H.E. Ct. Daffyth brought up quite a valid
assumption; namely, that the Establishment (Knights, peers, whatever)
tends to suck up the best potential Peers, leaving not very much for
anybody else.  One wonders if this is the best course of action (since it
has been amply demonstrated that this (in the case of heavy fighting,
anyway) tends to strip the local Baronies of most of their decent
potential leadership; but that's another story.

Moving right along,

Ld. JB
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