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Re: Jobs and Cookies

Poster: blackbow@juno.com (David H Ritterskamp)

>So, why don't we modify this idea.  Have each order try to watch the
>Kingdom for up-and-coming people within their discipline.  The Sea 
>try and watch for people who are teaching fighting, and so on.  Rather
>than an artibrary assignment of people, we get a more focussed effort
>and less wasted energy.
>We could call this a "watch list".  :^)
>Of course, every Kingdom Order and Peerage has such a list already, 
>they try and keep it relatively up-to-date through regular meetings 
>[1 : 10 ratio paragraph continuation]
>> As more
>> people would be found, who are of peerage quality, the ratio would 
>> down and become even easier to handle.
>The ratio of peers to total kingdom population has been relatively
>constant at 1:10 since I joined the SCA, although Kingdom population 
>more than quadrupled in that time.  There is no reason to believe that 
>this is going to change much in the future -- as we make more peers, 
>peers drop out or gain interests outside the SCA, and bunches of new 
>find the SCA.  The ratio is not likely to change.  A handful of peers
>are made every reign -- sometimes only 1 or 2 in a reign, sometimes as
>many as 5 or 6.  To change the proportion of peers to populace in any
>substantive way would require making hundreds of peers in a few years.
>This isn't going to happen, and if it did there would be a huge number
>of people very very upset.


I may be alone in this concept, but I've always been VERY annoyed at not
ever being able to SEE this watch list.  Or really ever get any
information about its existence.  I sort of like to know how well I'm
doing; you know, like a report card at school?  It's very easy to tell
how far along you're getting.

Another concept that has always interested me is one that some companies
are starting to use; that of "Bottom-up" evaluations as well as the
traditional top-down style.  I know that people can write in  and
compliment or request an award for someone, but humanity's general
disinterest in confrontation doesn't lend itself well to such a concept
as I describe, and yet, we can't deny that there are problems that might
well be solvable with such a system in place.

Comments, anyone?

Ld. J. Blackbow
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