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Re: Jobs and Cookies and Facts and Perceptions, oh My!

Poster: blackbow@juno.com (David H Ritterskamp)

"Details!  Don't bother me with Details!"
-S. Holmes

. One thing that I have never heard discussed as a consideration
>is whether or not they are a protoge of a Pelican.

[That would, IMO, be because everybody probably already knew.  If you
have to ask who the person is, you're definitely not qualified to judge
his/her worthiness.]

>I have taken a number of people as protoges but I doubt that this
>will help them much to advance to the Order of the Pelican. I am,
>prehaps, a bit of a fraud in that I don't know how to teach them
>Pelican like things. Most of them have more experience than I do
>autocrating and serving in those offices that require a lot of 
>paper work. I have always avoided doing things like that. I chose
>those whom I liked and I thought would fit in my household and
>who showed an inordinate disire to lift their hands when volunteers
>were asked for. The more sensible folk who I would like in my
>household I ask to be men-at-arms. I think that those who have
>accepted my offers have done so because they like my household
>and not because they expected a leg up in climbing some ladder
>of awards.

[It isn't the ladder of awards per se, but as per what Heather Swann
(sorry, milady, I missed your Society name) said, it narks people off
when they bust their a**es and get no recognition whatsoever for it, for
whatever reason is prevalent at the time, while other, lesser lights (or
at least what must _seem_ to the person like lesser lights) are given
recognition.  This leads to Bad Feelings.]

>Other Pelecans do have some useful skills that they can teach and
>their proteges may take some advantage from this. But one thing
>I should emphasize, I have never heard or heard of any horse trading
>about candidates. No "I will support your lad if you support my lass."
>I can't say that it never happened but I don't know of a single
>instance of it amoung the Pelicans of the Kingdom of Atlantia.
>Master Malcolm MacMalcolm, Marshal
>( just say MMMMM... )
[...Campbell's makes everything...'M'M..never mind.]

[Anyway, I would like to advance the theory that the people who do
something do it for one of two reasons, 1)because [they think] it's the
right thing to do, [and I am lumping "for enjoyment" under that category]
or 2) for the recognition.  Personally, I've done things for both.  I
doubt there's a person among us who can say otherwise.  

But [and here's the catch] who can tell why someone does something?  

If you've guessed by now that this is a slightly tender subject with me,
congratulations...I spent quite a few years doing things that I thought
were right AND things that WERE right.  A lot of people didn't like a lot
of the things.  But one of the things that I gained out of that is that
the people who were so condemnatory without bothering to examine motives
weren't worth knowing.  

I hope, as I progress in life, that I don't ever go along with popular
opinion about somebody without examining motives.  IMO, the people who
ask questions before joining the salmon run are the ones worth knowing.

Let me get rid of this soapbox...

Ld. J. Blackbow
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