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Re: Jobs and Cookies and Facts and Perceptions and stuff

Poster: Logan and Arielle <logan123@charlotte.infi.net>

Barclay, Peter wrote:
> Poster: "Barclay, Peter" <BarclayP@lee-dns1.army.mil>
> Greetings to the Merry Rose from Master Terafan,
> Aurora writes:
> >>> It results in the general perception that you are at a disadvantage
> >>>if you try to achieve a Peerage
> >without a sponsor or without one of the flags that bring you to the
> >attention of the Order, (harking back to the origin of this discussion)
> >such as performing well in a recognized job (I still contend that in
> >the SCA these are _usually_ warranted).
> Good lady,
> As Earl Dafydd and Mistress Dierdre have pointed out, I shall again
> point out in myself.  Being the newest (at least I still think so)
> member of the Order of the Laurel, I have NEVER been apprenticed OR
> squired OR proteged.  ..............<snip>.........

I also can speak the same words as Master Terafan.  I did not squire to 
any of the Knight's that offered it to me some four years ago.  Not 
because I had no respect for them but simply because iI felt it was not 
for Me.  I had also sworn My loyalty to a household and would not break 
that.  I was recognized as a Knight anyway.  Not because I won Crown (it 
was going to happen regardless of how I finished in Crown) but because I 
was an excellent fighter being skilled, honorable and active, I inspired 
others on the field, my actions off the field were honorable and 
chivalrous, I could lead by example and gain the respect of others and, 
as Terefan also pointed out, I freely taught others to do what I felt was 
good and right.
Your relationship or lack of does'nt decide when you are recognized as a 
Peer or whatever.  My friend Sir Andrew was squired to His Grace Duke 
Micheal for almost ten years before he was recognized as a Knight.  Only 
through selfless hard work and determination will anyone become a peer.  
The only way to assure that, is to really enjoy what your doing because 
you want to.

> Jonathon Blackbow writes:
> >>[It isn't the ladder of awards per se, but as per what Heather Swann
> (sorry, milady, I missed your Society name) said, it narks people off
> when they bust their a**es and get no recognition whatsoever for it,
> for whatever reason is prevalent at the time, while other, lesser
> lights (or at least what must _seem_ to the person like lesser lights)
> are given recognition.  This leads to Bad Feelings.]
> Jonathon,
>         If people are busting the a**es and getting bad feelings when they
> don't get recognition, then you must evaluate their motives in why they
> are busting themselves.  When I bust my ass, whether teaching a class,
> autocratting an event, or wading thru the piles of seneschal minutia, I
> do it because I really do enjoy it, not because I think I will get
> recognition.  While I don't deny that I have high aspirations and goals,
> that one day I would like to have all kinds of danglies, I DON'T do
> things to get danglies.  I do them because I like to.   I could have
> been forever happy in the SCA as "little lord Terafan" because I enjoy
> all the other things, including the people who I would not have met any
> other way.
>                                 Terafan

DITTOS!!!  If someone gets bad feelings because they did not get what 
THEY think they should have then they do need to take a good look at why 
they do things.  Just ask her Excellency Baroness Meli about waiting for 
someone to say "Hey your doing a great job and we justed wanted everyone 
to know it!"

Serving Atlantia and all Her people

HRM Sir Logan
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