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Re: Jobs and Cookies and Facts and Perceptions

Poster: blackbow@juno.com (David H Ritterskamp)

Terafan writes:

>Jonathon Blackbow writes:
>>>[It isn't the ladder of awards per se, but as per what Heather Swann
>(sorry, milady, I missed your Society name) said, it narks people off
>when they bust their a**es and get no recognition whatsoever for it,
>for whatever reason is prevalent at the time, while other, lesser
>lights (or at least what must _seem_ to the person like lesser lights)
>are given recognition.  This leads to Bad Feelings.]
>	If people are busting the a**es and getting bad feelings when 
>don't get recognition, then you must evaluate their motives in why 
>are busting themselves.  When I bust my ass, whether teaching a class,
>autocratting an event, or wading thru the piles of seneschal minutia, 
>do it because I really do enjoy it, not because I think I will get
>recognition.  While I don't deny that I have high aspirations and 
>that one day I would like to have all kinds of danglies, I DON'T do
>things to get danglies.  I do them because I like to.   I could have
>been forever happy in the SCA as "little lord Terafan" because I enjoy
>all the other things, including the people who I would not have met 
>other way.  
>				Terafan

I'll be frank, Terafan; I wasn't able for awhile to figure out why I did
things, especially things like scutwork that NOBODY I know does because
they enjoy them (and if you do, you don't need to jump on mein defense of
scutwork, as you'll see.) and then finally it hit me, when I bothered to
examine any motivation:  I was doing whatever I was doing, because it
Needed To Be Done.  So when people tell (told) me that I shouldn't get
sore, etc, I never did really understand.  I still don't; people seem to
think that there are only two reasons to do something, 1) enjoyment or 2)
for a cookie.  I submit that the third is because it simply needs to be

I do have quite a bit of curiosity as to what that motive does to the
public consciousness...

Ld. J. Blackbow
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