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Re: Knighthood & Squiring

Poster: blackbow@juno.com (David H Ritterskamp)

On 19 Oct 96  4:49:10 EDT Michael Ford/HNS <Michael_Ford@notesgw.hns.com>
>Poster: Michael Ford/HNS <Michael_Ford@notesgw.hns.com>
>MMMMM and all my other friends,
>Wasn't Sir Black Kane O'shannon(I hope I spelled that correct) also 
>without ever being a squire?
>My best unto you all,
>Sean MacKay

No, as a matter of fact...Sir Kane was squired to a Knight who moved
(back?) to California(?) awhile back.  

I would point out, though, that everybody who's standing here saying "No,
you're wrong, I can think of X number of people who were Peered without
ever, blah, blah, blah..." are only proving my point; you can probably
count the number of Peers that never squired/proteged/whatever in
Atlantia on one hand.  By my count, that would make them a huge minority,
which is all I really wanted to point out.  

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