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Re: Homage and Fealty

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

  I must apologize back... I missed most of the thread that started this whole
  subject and did not realize that it was a discussion of the period meanings of
  the two words, homage and fealty.

No apology needed.  I am glad we could achieve some closure.  (But no well
meant apology rejected, either.)  We have too many friends in common to have
any ill feeling between us: which is why I had to back down right away if I had
hurt your feelings.

                                    Based on what you wrote in your post it
  appears, at least from my stand point that I am in fealty to my knight but also
  homage since I have a fierce personal loyalty towards him and would never think
  of it as a contractural agreement. So, I guess in period I really have no
  comment... but within our 20th century realm, I get the impression that our
  idea of fealty is mainly the period concept of homage with agreements...


Of course, we need to always bear in mind the caveat: that (as in period) all
of our feudal relationships are Intensely Personal, and come down to the
positions of the principals, and not the rest of us.  We all (myself certainly
included) sometimes hasten to judge what is not ours to judge.

We can learn, discuss, and talk about.  But, just as my marriage is,
eventually, my wifes and my business alone, so too would your relationship with
your knight be yours together.

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