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kane stories

Poster: angharad melys <lisa@privnet.com>

good gentles,

i grieve for the friends and family of kane and muirgen, and for house
o'shannon, and i mourn the loss of my friend...  and in a funny way, i
feel sorry for all the people who DIDN'T know kane and muirgen, who missed
the privilege and singular pleasure of their company.  for those of you
for whom kane and muirgen were but names or coronets glimpsed from afar, i

muirgen coming to university atlantia in a wheelchair to teach her class
on autocratting...  

kane hugs that wrapped all the way around and met in the middle...

eating pizza in the only open restaurant in blacksburg, the third day of
the twelfth night blizzard; the sca took up half the restaurant, and we
kept getting phone calls.  the waiter would bring the cordless phone out
to our side and ask the room at large for whoever was wanted - except for
one call, when he walked directly up to kane and said "sir kane, you have
a phone call."  we were all wondering what made HIM so special, so we
asked the waiter - and he said the person on the phone (a member of clan
o'shannon) had told him to "look for the 300-lb samoan dude."  kane
laughed the loudest of any of us...

kane gave me my aoa, at a sacred stone baronial birthday in king's
mountain.  i'd been on my feet all day tavern-wenching in the mabinogi
tavern, so by court i was utterly exhausted and had just had way too much
fun for the day.  i remember kneeling in front of their majesties, hearing
the beginning of the scroll being read out, and fighting a losing battle
for my composure.  kane saw my face, leaned down, and said "don't you
start crying, or you'll start ME crying, and court will go all to hell." 
so of course i lost it, and i looked up to see tears running down his
face, too... 

telling kane "you're a big teddy bear!" and him replying "sh!  don't tell
anyone, you'll ruin my reputation!"

realizing 30 seconds before feast at emerald joust that while i'd brought
plates, bowls, and mugs for my friends, i didn't have ANY silverware...  i
was scrounging around trying to find something, anything, for them to eat
with, and he leans over from the next table and hands me a fistful of
forks, knives, and spoons.  that's SO kane, to me - to need something and
he just magically makes it appear... 

i was looking through my photos last night, and it's funny - i don't have
any pictures OF kane.   he's IN a lot of them, tho, somewhere off to the
side with that enormous grin on his face.  i miss him already...

does anybody else have favorite kane & muirgen memories to share? 


angharad melys, scholar
sacred stone / windmaster's hill, atlantia

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