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Re: kane stories

Poster: Michael Surbrook <susano@access.digex.net>

I remember fighting Kane at the Baronial Investiure of Dun Carrig.  I
threw a quick snap to his leg, Kane paused, and said: "Well, that wasn't
hard, but it was clean, so yeah, I'll take that."

Oldcastle 15th year celebration (aka 'Duke Day').  Scrounging in the
kitchen looking for munchies, when Kane gives me some ribbing about eating
at this late hour.  I tell him, "But it's pretty good!"  He is response is
effectivly "There is that."

Oldcastle fighter practice (aka 'Hoopdoodle'): Sitting in the kitchen
listening to Kane, Dafydd and other talk.  I discover the left over lamb
and sauce and for a few moments we do nothing but eat and comment on how
good it tastes.  I belive Kane commended me for discovering the sauce.

Emerald Joust, the Pas de Arms when the Grand Melee occured.  Kane's team
had attacked ours, and I was dealing with Kane and two of his squires.  My
leg had been taken, and Kane dropped to his knees.  For a few moments I
managed to block *everything* thrown at when, when (according to to
others) Kane motioned his two squires off and gave me the honor of single
combat.  I even managed to lay my sword into his grill, but didn't have
any force on the blow.  I died, but for a fe wmoments, I seemed
unbeatable.  After the fight, Kane complimented me on my prowess.  

Michael Limner, esq.

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