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Re: kane stories

Poster: blackbow@juno.com (David H Ritterskamp)

On Mon, 21 Oct 1996 15:24:20 -0400 (EDT) angharad melys
<lisa@privnet.com> writes:
>Poster: angharad melys <lisa@privnet.com>
>good gentles,
>i grieve for the friends and family of kane and muirgen, and for house
>o'shannon, and i mourn the loss of my friend...  and in a funny way, i
>feel sorry for all the people who DIDN'T know kane and muirgen, who 
>the privilege and singular pleasure of their company.  for those of 
>for whom kane and muirgen were but names or coronets glimpsed from 
>afar, i
>angharad melys, scholar
>sacred stone / windmaster's hill, atlantia

Um, Melys...I suspect that if you ask that question, you'll get enough to
fill a book.  Especially from me...I was there for more than I want to
admit.  Did you want G, PG, R, or what?

If enough people think it would be apropos, I can even relate the story
that (annoyingly enough) gives even a crushing event such as his death

But I don't necessarily want to tell it, if anybody's going to object. 
So, if by this time tomorrow night, nobody's objected, I'll relate it. 
If anybody objects, I'll tell it at an event sometime in the future,
along with half a hundred others.

Still waiting for the realization to hit,

Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
Squire, Clan O'Shannon
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