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Remembering "Uncle" Kane

Poster: TheDadguy@aol.com

 In these past couple of days, we (seems like hundreds of us) have all been
brought closer together by the tragic deaths of two people, whom were dearly
loved by far more people than they could ever have realized.

  A memory of a friend is a precious thing to have, and I wanted to thank all
of you who felt a need to share that piece of yourself with the rest of us.
The heart-felt stories and remembrances will stay with me for always. 

  Sir Kane gave of himself always and by doing so gave a little piece of
himself to each and everyone he knew..... through us he will live on.

  My own personal memories of Kane were not at an SCA event or even in the
presence of witnesses but he helped me to realize that I was worth something
and that respect from others begins with respect for one's self. No harder
lesson was ever learned and no better teacher to give it.
  And of course- the manatee kiss... a christmas party a couple of years ago
and he managed to corner me in the living room, he took ahold of my head on
either side and bend over and --- licked me on the forehead! I remember how
hard he laughed when I started blushing......
  What I would do for one of those kisses right now.

  As my children and I sat reading these posts, I watched the expressions
that ran across their young faces and wondered just how much they really
understood about what was going on. I should have known better .....children
are smarter than we sometimes give them credit for. 

 My children wanted to add in their own cherished memories of Kane...and who
am I to deny them this - it's their own special way of handling their grief.

Kimberly-becoming a household member in her own right not as her daddy's
- big bear hugs with arms that were strong and gentle at the same time
- being given a special job or two when Clan O'Shannon helped serve feast
- helping Mom put Dad's squires belt on "cause Uncle Kane told me to"

Kimberly & Kelsey- calling him "Uncle" Kane

Kelsey- playing got -your -nose and winning
- piggy-back rides on his shoulders
- "Look mommy it's Uncle Kane" every time she sees a picture of a manatee. 
- eatin' at Shoney's
-penny races

Mom asking Kelsey- "Did you know that another name for a manatee is a sea
cow?" She shook her head no. "Do you know what a sea cow says?" She nodded
and said "Light!"

Sunday afternoon should have been like any other but instead my 4 year-old
(Kelsey) walked up to my 9 year-old (Kimberly) and hugged her harder than
I've ever seen her do. "Kimmie, Uncle Kane gooone."  was all that was said
for the longest time and our lives have yet to return to normal.

Kimberly finally cried last night.
And I finally stopped.

This morning I was awakened by Kelsey crawling into bed for a good morning
kiss when she touched my face and bend down... and licked me on the forehead
-  a manatee kiss. When I asked her why she did it, she smiled and said
"Cause last night Uncle Kane told me to.... he said you needed it"

And I did....Thank you Kane.

We will always love you.  

Signey Brandidottir,
Kimber von Reumer, Kelsey Signidottir
Clan O'Shannon
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