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Re: Black Diamond Remembers Kane

Poster: "Sharon Henderson" <sharon@intercon.com>

Gentle Ciaran,

	I have been thinking in much this same vein for the last few days, as I 
have striven to remember Kane and Muirgen with love and gratitude for their 
lives and examples, even as I have wept for the sadness of their passing.  And 
what keeps coming to mind is this, in the spirit of what you have written, 
wise counsel that it is:

	There is a modern play called _The Belle of Amherst_, in which the 
title character, Emily Dickenson, contemplates her relationship with many 
people and things -- among them her beloved parents.  When she reaches the 
part of her life when her father dies, she pauses in the midst of happier 
reflection, and says to the audience:

	"Hold your parents tenderly, for the world will seem a cold and lonely 
place when they are gone."

	In a certain sense, those that wear our Crowns and those who become 
peers through their Service to the Realm are like parents to us all. God 
knows, those who know and love Kane and Muirgen would have little trouble 
thinking of them as jovial, loving, wonderful parents who taught us all so 
much.  Their humor and patience; their toughness when necessary; the joy they 
brought to every action they undertook -- these are their legacy to us, their 
children in spirit, their friends, their fellow Atlantians.  And while we had 
them among us, we held them as tenderly as we could.  Tomorrow never comes in 
a Dream, after all, isn't that so?  But the inevitable day came for them, as 
it will someday come for us all, and so if there is any comfort to be had in 
the midst of our grief, it is this:

	Our grief is shared.  This list has been a testimony to that fact.  
Each time the hand of Fate has led off another of us to the Everlasting, we 
have met here, those that could, and have found solace in shared memories -- 
found solace in knowing that we weren't the only ones with that empty ache in 
our hearts, and therefore, though some loved one had gone on Before, we were 
in fact NOT alone.  And we are NOT alone now, nor will we be in times to come, 
because we have each other, and we have so many fine examples by which to live 
the rest of our allotted time.

	I thank God for all of you -- for the memories you have found the 
courage and strength to share, for the honor, strength and virtue that give 
you the confidence to share your tears and pain.  I thank God for the honesty 
and love of Signey's little daughters; for the blessing of laughter as so many 
Kane Stories and Muirgen Stories have been shared.  I thank God that we have 
each other, and by God, I pray we will all remember this, when we see one 
another face to face in the future.  May the hugs be many, the laughter 
bright, the tears brief and cleansing; may we offer one another the flower of 
friendship while it is in its best and brightest bloom, in full sight of all, 
while we are all still here to see their colors and smell the fragrance.

>     I think the thing I will regret most is not having taken more time 
> to get to know Syr Kane. We all say at some time or another "...I'll 
> ask [him/her] tomorrow..." or "...they'll always be there for me..." 
>     And now...I see... 
> If we learn nothing else from our dear friends passing, I believe 
> we should learn this: Take no one for granted. All are special, all 
> are beautiful, and all will be missed. 
> Atlantia grieves...But Syr Kane and Murigen live in all of us... 
> Ciaran MacGhobhainn 

Vivat indeed to our dear ones, whom we shall all see again someday -- and 
Vivat to the legacy they leave behind.  Happy are we to have walked the land 
in their company!  And thank you, Ciaran, for your wise words!

Boy, I hope Valhalla has strong foundations.... :-)  It'll need them!

In Service, in grief, and in love,


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