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Kane Memory

Poster: "Hinson, Jerome" <hinson.msalan3@mhs.unc.edu>

Unto the Patrons of the Merry Rose and friends near and far,
Greetings from Ursula von Bremen.

Such a sad thing to have in common.  I grieve deeply for loss of such 
lights in our world. 

Big hugs. Helping us to move from Ramseur to our new apartment in Durham. 
 Quincy's after Sea Wars 1991(Ghod, that boy could eat).  Sharing a hotel 
room (a miracle that the wallpaper in the bathroom didn't come unglued . 
. .).

A Wednesday night fighter practice at Donal & Anna's (in 1990 or 91, when 
Endor still existed), Kane and Cuan were stretched out side by side on 
their stomachs with Julitta in between, rubbing their backs.  With 
expressions of pure bliss on their faces, they emitted high-pitched 
mmmmMMmmm's of contentment, sounding rather like whale songs.  That 
analogy didn't come to mind until Ulrich von Eisenstrand was heard to 
remark, "you know . . . in Japan they sew their lips shut so that they'll 
float to the surface."  It took a few seconds for the rest of us to make 
the connection.  When it did, everyone all but died laughing.

The last time I saw Kane (I hate those words) was at Ymir last year in 
Fortaleza (Sanford American Legion).  There was a shy (so I was told) 
newcomer at Kane's table.  Kane sent for me to serve (tease and entice) 
said newcomer with a plate of chocolate chip (?) cookies.  I felt pretty 
silly, but who wants to 
say no to Kane?

My heart goes out to Clan O'Shannon and to everyone who shares our loss.  
Long may he and his lady live in our memories.

Ursula von Bremen


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