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Royal Bard

Poster: "Scott F. Vaughan" <vaughan~sf@glaxo.com>

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(Please do not send me e-mail at the address attatched to this 
message. Send responses via US-Snail or call me at 919-319-1910)

Boo! Hi everyone, this is Efen, your friendly neighborhood Royal 
Bard. This missive should be going out in the next ACORN, but I 
wanted to let folks know before then...

I would like to thank everyone who came out to the Bardic 
Olympiad in October, performers, audience, staff, and especially 
Her Majesty. She sat through an entire day of competitions to 
help judge. A big HOO-RAH for the Shire of Hindscroft too! Morgan 
Wolfinger was named the Gold Medalist. The Silver and Bronze 
medalists, Eogan Og MacLaren and Dervila ni Leanon, qualified to 
compete in the Royal Bard finals at 12th Night .

Since there were several performers who wanted a chance to 
compete for the Royal Bard and couldn't make it to the Olympiad, 
Her Majesty and I have decided to have one more (shorter) round 
of preliminaries to be held at 12th Night in Virginia Beach, VA. 
Performers should contact me before hand (letter of intent or a 
phone call) so that I know how much time we will need. 
Competitors should prepare at least 3 pieces (song, story, poem, 
music, etc.) and be willing to judge each other fairly. We are 
looking for variety, authenticity, style, and originality among 
other things. I think it will be a bardic circle sort of 
atmosphere rather than a staged performance. Verbal documentation 
is nice for period pieces. Finals should be held late that 
afternoon - probably 2-3 pieces, up to 15 min. per performer. The 
next Royal Bard will likely be announced at last court. All of 
this is of course subject to change at Their Majesties' whim.

Once again, DO NOT use this email address to respond to me, call 
or write.

Lord Efenwealt Wystle
(I'm not Aed of Avigdor. I'd rather be Dougie MacLean. Steal from 
the best, I say...)
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