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Re: Hello (HRH info)

Poster: Tanner Lovelace <lovelace@netcom.com>

Unto Her Royal Highness, Bera Thorbjorn, does Lord Kendrick Wayfarer,
Listkeeper of the Merry Rose, send back warm greetings.

Congratulations on your recent elevation.  Please feel free to
stay in our humble tavern for as long as you want.  Although
the discussions get spirited at times, the people here
are friendly.  I wish you well during your reign.  Please
feel free, if you are able, to come to my barony's Yule Revel, 
on January 4 in the Barony of Storvik (this goes for everyone
else, too :-).  Also, if you have any questions about the list,
feel free to ask.

In service,
Lord Kendrick Wayfarer
Listkeeper, Merry Rose

On Mon, 4 Nov 1996, Bera Thorbjorn wrote:

>         Unto the patrons of the Merry Rose does Her Royal Highness, Bera
> Thorbjorn, send warm and friendly greetings.
> In other words, How y'all doin'? :)
>         I often check in on the conversations at Cheapside through my
> roomate's account.  I saw a message from Lord Liam a'Welwyn concerning my
> contact information.  I would like for anyone who has comments, concerns and
> questions to feel free to contact me.  I am looking forward to serving the
> kingdom during my time on the throne. I am open to both constructive
> criticism and seasoned advice.  His Royal Highness Cuan MacDaige has
> informed me that he does not have email as of yet.  I do not think it wise
> to give his number without his consent. In any case, here is information on
> how to contact me should you feel the inclination.

             |                     lovelace@netcom.com      
             |\                       Arlington, VA
             |/      Per chevron argent and azure, a wolf passant 
             |     sable between three compass roses counterchanged.

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