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Re: Dominion of Myrkfaelinn?

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

Dave Montuori wrote:
> Scripsit Manus:
> > > A Dominion is like a Barony, but without a titular head.
> > > Keilyn
> >
> > So how is that different from a Shire?
> Under "Larger branches" you will find in Corpora definitions for a type of
> group called a "Province." That is the technical term for a group which,
> save for lack of the fief, is a Barony.
> The primary difference between a Shire and a Province is that Provinces
> may include smaller subgroups as branches (technically "Ridings").
> Usage of the word "Dominion" goes back to the time when rocks were soft,
> and branch designations were just as malleable. I have also seen groups
> called "City-State" (Marinus before it became a Barony), and in the East
> there's the Crown Province of Ostgardr, which I think means that it's a
> Barony except that the Crown of the East also serves as technical
> Baron/ess. (If someone on here knows better how that situation actually
> works, I'm curious.)

Actually, Ostgardr has a Viceroy (and Vicerine) who are the Crown's reps
not really Baron & Baroness.  Go figure.

> Of course, as is widely known, this is all John the Pell's fault. :-)

Yep!  Especially the Myrkfaelinn part....:-)

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