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Poster: WzrdKing@aol.com

Gracious Lady,
   As regards your nine year old son, if his taste in femine company is that
excellent at such a young age, I doubt that he needs any spiritual guidance,
at least in this arena. And as for requesting prayers of peace for you and
your noble husband, as a father of two, I regularly request peace for EVERY
parent in the world. Peace and ignorance. (Ignorance becaus, if my parents
had been aware of all thatI was up to, they would either  (1) have suffered
massive myocardial infarctions, or (2) had me shot, drawn and quartered, and
burnt at the stake. As neither alternative is a particularly attractive one,
I am trusting my children to be as circumspect with me as I was with my own
parents.) And that long parenthetical aside aside, I wish you all peace
within your homes, and that your son grows up with the sense of true chivalry
which obviously characterises his parents.
     In service,
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